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T H E   U R   L I T E   W E I G H T   P U L L E Y   A D V A N T A G E

The first advantage is the reduction in the engine's rotating weight, which the engine has to overcome every time you hit the gas. The reduction in rotating weight means your engine spools up faster, which translates directly into better acceleration. The second advantage is under driving, which means turning the engine accessories slower so they don’t use more engine power than they really need. We adjust the amount of under drive for each application to maximize performance without hurting accessory efficiency. The third and most important advantage is that there is no limit to the performance improvement our pulleys give you. The more mods you do, the more the pulleys will give you and the better your other mods will perform. No other aftermarket hard part can offer so much performance at this price level and ease of installation. ONLY UR CAN! These advantages translate directly into significantly more usable HP/TQ, with no limit in potential power gains and noticibly better fuel economy. This is why you should make UR pulley(s) your first performance modification choice.....More