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ROTATIONAL WEIGHT - Reducing the engine's rotating weight means your engine revs up faster for improved acceleration. UR pulleys are always the litest available anywhere in static and rotational weight.


UNDER DRIVE - Turning the engines accessories slower; keeping them from robbing more engine power than they really need. When under drive is offered the amount used maximizes performance without hurting accessory output/efficiency.


UNLIMITED POTENTIAL - The performance improvements you will see from UR pulleyshas no limit. The more mods you make the better the UR pulleys and those other mods will perform. More usable WHP/TQ throughout the rev-band, with no limit in potential power gains and noticeably better fuel economy. No other basic engine bolt on can even come close to offering the WHP/TQ per dollar gains of UR pulleys.





 Continental (Tier 1 OE supplier) confirms factory crank pulley is for audible NVH.


In formal testing completed by Continental, in their Elite belt program, exposes a dirty little secret the aftermarket Damper manufacturers don't want you to know about. The OE accepted level of engine noise under the hood is no more than 80 dBA. This graph exposes the truth and confirms what UR has been saying for 20 years that no application we make pulleys for requires an engine protection damper. It also reconfirms one of the early facts discussed by our Founder with regards to what he experienced after spending time with his brother in law that was an engine testing engineer at the Honda engine plat in Anna, OH. During testing work done for the 1996-99 D-Series engines many different tuned NVH control crank pulleys, including solid pulleys, were tested to determine which provided the queitest engine operation. Not one of the pulley versions tested had any effect on the engines durability. The graph also shows that no other belt brand can match the performance of Continetal Elite belts. The jig is up and the lies have been exposed once and for all!