Unorthodox Racing :: Pulleys Cam Gears Clutches



T H E   U R   P U L L E Y   A D V A N T A G E


I :  ROTATIONAL MASS  -  Reducing the engine's rotating weight; the engine has to overcome it every time you hit the gas. This means your engine spools up faster for better acceleration. UR pulleys are always the "litest" pulleys available anywhere.


II :  UNDER DRIVE  -  Turning the engine accessories slower; keeping them from using more engine power than they really need. When under drive is offered, the amount/percentage used is engineered to maximize performance without hurting accessory output/efficiency.


III :  LIMITLESS POTENTIAL  -  The performance improvements you'll see with UR pulleys have no limits. The more you modify, the better UR pulleys and those other mods will perform. More usable HP/TQ throughout the rev-band, with no limit in potential power gains and noticeably better fuel economy. 


No other engine-mounted performance part can offer these advantages for total pay back on your mod investment.......More