About UR Products

       UR (“Unorthodox Racing”) was founded by a performance enthusiast who had spent a decade wrenching on various American muscle cars. He had worked with many products from products as simple as spark plugs to as complex as super/turbocharger systems. By the early 90’s it was clear to him a new automotive era was debuting with high performance small displacement engines. During those early years he grew tired of the big performance promises most products promised but never actually gave. In late 1993 he began development on what would be the first UR product line, underdrive pulleys. He had acquired a 1988 Thunderbird Turbo Coupe a few years earlier and had the itch to make things for it that he could not get. His father in law was a class A machinist, trained in Germany before he imigrated to the US. The two designed then machined an underdrive crank pulley for the 2.3L Turbo ("The Iron Duke"). The performance was awesome for such a small part, the seat of the pants improvement told him they were onto something. 

       Slowly and methodically over the next 3 years more pulleys were tested and refined. One of the best improvements he saw was on the 1992 Civic VX the founder bought for commuting during his late graduate school years. It made the little 1.5 feel like a whole new engine, especially when the VTEC kicked in! The founder had some bad experiences in the late 80's early 90's with underdrive pulleys on 5.0 Mustangs, both charging and cooling, this made him very sensitive to the amount of under drive he added to the test kits. From then on every new model was put through a voltage test at idle with everything possible on in the car and all the accessories, not just the alternator (a/c, air pump, power steering and water pump) had to function within factory specified output. It was in this time he quickly realized the smaller displacement engines saw a much bigger improvement from the weight reduction of the part and only a small improvement from underdrive. Only heavy under drive produced good gains but it also caused major charging, cooling and steering problems. He now knew the best combination for most HP/TQ gains was maximum weight loss and a small amount of under drive (15% or less).

       There was one last nagging issue that he was unsure how to solve. Some of the sport compact engines he had tested parts on had what he thought was a damper. Many engines he had seen to this point had solid steel pulleys, from early B, D & F Series Honda engines, K Series Nissans, all the VW's and of course the 2.3L Ford. Luckily his future brother in law, at the time, worked for Honda as an engine development engineer, at the Anna Ohio engine plant. A few trips were made to Anna as well as much discussion with his brother in law. After in depth analysis it became clear the factory crank was actually not designed to protect the engine but to quiet the NVH (Noise Vibration & Harshness) the occupants of the vehicle would hear during engine operation. Over the previous 10 years most car manufacturers were moving away from noisy components. One of the first items was to use cast bracketry, from stamped steel. to hold all the engine accessories. Then came a combination of acoutic dampers (baffles, mufflers & resonators) from the intake to the exhaust, driveshaft/s and the crankshaft pulley. Rubber encapsulated weights were even being being added to strategic points on the chassis and drivetrain. All in the name of making the car super quiet for the occupants. With this knowledge he knew he had everything needed to begin to formulate the business.

       UR was registered as a Sole Proprietorship in mid 1996 and soon thereafter marketing research showed a strong growing market was ready for the product and a formal business plan was created. At the heart of this plan was UR's strict policy of only making products that "DID WHAT WE SAID THEY WOULD," "FIT LIKE WE SAID THEY WOULD," "LOOKED LIKE ART" AND "WOULD LAST THE LIFETIME OF THE VEHICLE." There were to be no compromises, this meant a higher retail price but it was a trade off he was more than willing to accept. He felt as long as the price was reasonable customers would not chance saving a small amount for the damage a cheap part could cause. What's the point of saving fifty or hundred dollars if it causes thousands of dollars in damage. So the company's strategy was simple, it was about quality, customer satisfaction and word of mouth. This is still the cornerstone of our marketing efferts 16+ years later.

       In early 1997 the UR was incorporated and its first web-site hit cyber-space shortly thereafter. UR first introduced the pulleys to the market in May of 1997 with our first ad in Turbo magazine. UR was officially the first company to offer pulleys for the sport compact market. As an early Sport Compact manufacturer UR was quickly accepted by enthusiasts, racers and tuners alike as a vendor they could trust to make only the highest quality, uncompromising performance products. Since then enthusiasts worldwide have used UR products in vehicles ranging from everyday street cars to full out race cars. Over 16+ years later we are still the leader with trillions of miles driven using our products and only the highest satisfaction.

       UR products have always been and always will be designed and manufactured in the U.S. We use the latest CAD software and development tools.  We follow strict quality control from material selection (UR only uses the finest U.S. produced raw materials). to machinery and tooling. This ensures a vastly superior product that is gorgeous and durable but most of all reliable. UR products are held to tolerances only seen in aircraft, medical, military and space manufacturing programs. We also offer the largest range of applications from Acura to Volvo.

       UR products is going back to its roots with the introduction of the revolutionary new Ultra Damper ® and underdrive accessory pulleys (alternator, power steering and water pump) for late model domestic V8 muscle. The Ultra Damper ® will usher in a new era in dampers using patented 3D Damper Technology. This 3D Damper Technology is a revolutionary new absorption system and the first significant new damper development in 30+ years. It requires no tuning whatsoever, is lighter than the stock damper and uses an advanced polymer absorbsion material unaffected by normal opearting temperatures. Stay tuned to our web-site for the latest on this new products and other developments!