- The first 5 bolt cam gears/s for safe slip free operation.

- The litest cam gear/s for the biggest power gains and fuel savings.

- The most needed adjustability (+ or - 10 degrees).

- Accurate to 1 minute of a degree (60 minutes in a degree).

- Tooth profiles identical to the factory gears.

- Extra thick hard-coat black anodized outers for unmatched durability.



Designed, machined and assembled in America. UR gears are the lightest and safest gears, thanks to our industry first 5 bolt design. Each gear is fully adjustable, in fractions of a degree, to a maximum of + or - 10 degrees (advance or retard), more adjustability than you will ever need. Timing marks accurate to within one (1) minute of a degree (there are 60 minutes in a degree). No need to send UR gears to the machine shop to be re-indexed.


The inner and outer gear section fit is the most critical part of the machining process. Any looseness, side to side (you'll hear a clicking sound), will cause gear/s to hop leading to the bolts coming loose no matter how hard they were tightened. The UR gear sections fit together tight, every time, so our gears do not come loose. Tooth profile is also critical for timing accuracy and long term reliability. UR tooth profiles are an exact match of the factory teeth.


UR gears use an extra thick hard black anodized to prevent wear from the timing belt. We use black so you can see the timing marks better. HP gains will vary depending on what you've done to your engine. Gains from 5 to 20 horsepower can easily be seen. We have recommended settings in the instructions. We also suggest going to a dyno for fine tuning.